Creek vista Apartment is located in the southwest of Karachi, along the shores of Arabian Sea. It's a project with an exceptionally beautiful location and a view that you will find mesmerizing.

Choose an Agent
Considering to purchase an Apartment in Creek Vista is most likely one of the biggest investment you'll ever make, having long-term financial and lifestyle consequences. If you are making it your abode, you should remain satisfied as you will have the best assistance available to you.



Making A Decision
You need to make a list of your preference and decide what you would like?
Bedrooms: 3 Beds or 4 Beds?
Direction: What side you want?
West open, East open or Garden facing?
West open is breezy East open is more panoramic Garden facing is inward facing and provide garden view
Floor: What floor you would like?


You also need to know about the availability of your finances. Are you paying in cash? Or are you buying in mortgage?
You should ask your agent about the ongoing prices. Keep in mind that the price goes up as the floor goes up. You should also think of how much time you would need to make the full payment?



Making Visits
Get to know the neighborhood. Walk around and get a feel for what it would be like to live in the area. Select a few apartments according to your interest. And have your real estate agent make appointments to visit them. After finding your interest you should make an offer.



Once the offer is accepted and the terms are agreed, it is necessary t to give some amount as a token of acceptance to the seller. After that your agent can finalize the draft and have the agreement ready for both parties. The agreement has all the terms and conditions mentioned which were mutually agreed by both the parties.



Post agreement
The remaining amount should be ready before the final date stipulated in the agreement. The transfer documents are arranged and signed after providing the copies of pay order to the seller. Transfer documents are signed in two different stages.

1. Initial signatures are required so that the transfer documents can be submitted at the DHA office and a date can be obtained for the transfer of the property.

2. The final signatures are required in front of a TNR officer so that the property can be transferred to the purchaser.


Obtaining NOC and NDC
An NOC must be obtained from the Creek Vista office at block 'K' before the transfer of the property. An NDC is also required from the Creek Vista office in front of Golf Course.




Transfer of property
Both the purchaser and seller needs to be present on the date given by the DHA office. When it's your turn the TNR officer will have both the parties finally signing the transfer documents and take Photographs while having thumb impression. After completing the requirements exchange of copy of pay order and transfer set may take place.