Security Features

Every Apartment is equipped with state of art security system..

Motion detectors
The apartment is equipped with Two motion detectors. One is installed on the entrance and other one in Tv lounge ..They are sensitive to motion, and activate the alarm after detecting any movement.




Panic Buttons
these buttons are installed in all the bedrooms,drawing, dinning, TV lounge, kitchen and servant quater.
In case of a security concern you can press these buttons and it activate the alarm and indicate the guards to rush to
the specific apartments.



Door sensors
All the main door and the kitchen door is equipped with magnets which set the alarm incase of security breach.





Heat detector
The kitchen rooof has a heat detector which is sensitive to excessive heat and set the alarm incase of fire or excessive heat accumulation.





CCTV Monitoring
The entrance and premises of each block is monitored by its indivisual cctv monitoring system, apart from the project CCTV system that monitors the whole project.Beside all these hifi gadgets every block is looked after by its indivisual receptionist and a security guard around the clock.
The entrace of the project is monitored by CCTV and a number of alarmed guards that keeps a bird eye view on the project.


Fire Extinguishers
On Every floor fire Fighting equipments are installed to handle emergency situation. there is also a high pressure fire-hose present both infront and behind of every block.




Hazard Devices
They are installed on the roof for grounding purpose.

Kindly check the documentation section for the security system user manual.